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In-HomeHospice Consultation

In Loving Paws Provides:

We examine your pet in his/her natural environment where we can best assess their quality of life and talk through the kindest treatment options for your pet. This visit includes basic hospice treatment.

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Price: $275*

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In Loving Paws Provides:

A compassionate in-home experience where you can say goodbye and celebrate your pet’s life and journey together as a treasured member of the family.

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Price: $375 (w/ aftercare purchase)*

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In Loving Paws Provides:

  • Respectful transport of your pet
  • Private Cremation
  • Hand crafted cedar urn
  • Clay Paw Print & Fur Clipping
  • Tribute Donation
  • We send a report to your vet within 24hrs
  • Ashes hand delivered back to your home

Price: $299 (under 30 lbs)*

Creative Remembrances

Created by local artisans and imprinted with your loved one

Eco-Friendly Living Urn

For every Living Urn planted, we'll donate and plant a 2nd tree in honor of your pet in one of America's Forests in need of reforestation.

Price: $149

Phoenix Stone

Small enough to slip in your pocket or purse, our Phoenix Stone resembles the traditional Comfort/Worry Stones associated with many cultures. When rubbed, these stones may help to ease one's grief and sense of loss, as well as provide comfort and strength. The Phoenix Stone is finished with a light sandblasting technique giving it a sea glass effect. The ash is clearly visible in this translucent stone.

Price: $135

Additional options to help you memorialize your loved one

Write a Letter to your Pet

We would like to invite you to submit a photo and letter to your pet for our memorial wall.