Tell us about your pet

Dear Pet Parents,

We offer an individualized process catering to your pet and your unique journey together. Each pet and family are unique in terms of what makes them feel safe and what they need from us to make the process as comfortable as possible. In-Home Euthanasia and Hospice are very difficult decisions and because the grieving process is different for everyone we encourage you to communicate openly with us about what you need from us at each step in the process.

The In Loving Paws Process is dedicated to creating a compassionate, loving environment for the family and their pets. In doing so, our entire process front to back is designed and dedicated to help you heal and focus on what’s important. The team at In Loving Paws takes care of absolutely every detail of the medical and aftercare process so you can concentrate on healing.

What to Expect

Initial Conversation

Take all the time you need speaking with us in order to feel 100 percent comfortable entrusting us with this final gift to your pet. You may want to share stories of your baby with us so that when we become part of this final journey we know more about what makes them so unique and special to you. We promise to listen. You may also not feel like talking, and that’s ok too. After all, often times what we love most about our animals is that so much is felt that nothing needs to be said. During this phone call we will review things to consider prior to your appointment.

Things to ConsiderLoving Support for In Home Euthanasia

  • Do you need an in home consultation to feel comfortable with your decision?
  • Think about how you would like your pet’s remains cared for and if you would like our aftercare package or if you will be doing a home or pet cemetery burial.
  • Where should the procedure be performed? Think about where your pet feels most comfortable and safe.
  • Who should be present? It is a very personal decision who should be present, including family pets. A meaningful good bye can be part of the euthanasia process or a special moment that is shared before the procedure is performed.
  • Would you like us to save a small portion of your pet’s ashes to facilitate creative remembrances?


When you feel comfortable and ready to schedule your appointment we will try to accommodate your preferences. We know that evening and weekends are often times the easiest time for everyone to be available, so we have prioritized these time frames with our veterinarians. We schedule a minimum of 24 hours in advance, however if possible we will offer emergency same day appointments for an additional fee.

In-Home Consultation

We can come out and examine your pet in his/her natural environment where we can best assess their quality of life and talk through how to determine the kindest treatment option for your pet.

In-Home Euthanasia

Easing their suffering and helping them transition peacefully and comfortably is truly one of the greatest sacrifices you can make and greatest gifts you can give your best friend. We are here to help you with the immense decision and it is our goal to offer you a sense of peace throughout this challenging process.

What to expect: When the veterinarian arrives at the house there will be a consent form that both you and the veterinarian will sign allowing consent for the procedure.

Prior to the euthanasia injection your pet will be given a sedative. One of the many reasons we are so unique is that we use the latest in advanced techniques and protocols to make this process as smooth as possible. We take great care and use the very latest and best our industry has so we can fully focus on you, your family and your pet.

After the sedation is given, (within about 10-15 minutes) your pet will become very sedate. During this period of time we encourage you to talk to your pet and do whatever feels most appropriate. We have had clients that read pets heartfelt letters or poems. Or if you would like our veterinarian to read something please let us know ahead of time and she/he will be happy to accommodate this request. After your pet is fully sedated, we will use a small IV to administer the euthanasia drug.

Following the euthanasia, you will be given as much time as you wish to say your goodbyes before the doctor prepares your pet for transport.

*Please Note:  Depending on your pet’s size (more than 25lbs), we will ask that someone is there to help with the stretcher. If you are physically or emotionally unable to do that, please let us know ahead of time so that other arrangements can be made.

The Aftercare Package

In Loving Paws offers full aftercare services. We recognize that the passing of your pet is difficult enough and we want to ensure that everything is taken care so that you can focus solely on a goodbye that honors your beloved pet. When you leave your pet’s remains in our care our policy is that we care for them with the same respect and dignity we would afford our own.

In Loving Paws will Provide:

  • Respectful Transport
  • Private, Cremation* & Certification
  • Hand Crafted  Cedar Urn
  • Clay Paw Print**
  • Fur Clipping (if you choose)
  • Tribute Donation to the Cape Ann Animal Aid
  • Hand Delivered Ashes and Commemoratives

Additional Options to help you memorialize your loved ones

*Most people choose to have their animal privately cremated. We work with a local cremation facility which is  family owned and operated. We only deal with  highly ethical facilities which we would trust with our own animals. So please rest assured that your pet will be cremated in only the most respectful and ethical fashion.

**Recognizing that each pet has left a paw print etched into their family’s heart, In Loving Paws provides you a clay paw print of your pet to serve as a reminder of the journey you took together.

– Your clay paw print can be turned into a glass sand paw print by our local glass artisan if you so choose, along with many other carefully selected remembrances which can be found on our remembrance page.



In Loving Paws believes in paying-it-forward in many ways, one of which is through our Angel’s Program. We aim to offer as many pets as possible a loving, in-home goodbye. There is no better way of honoring your pet’s legacy than to give a family in need the gift of a peaceful at home goodbye. Give us a hand in helping those who need it most .