A Veterinarian’s Perspective on In-Home Euthanasia

A Veterinarian's Perspective on In-Home EuthanasiaAs a veterinarian euthanasia is both heartbreakingly hard and a necessary part of the service I provide. I believe that one of the most important services I perform as a doctor is my role in making the final moments of a beloved pets life peaceful and pain-free. My goal during a euthanasia is to make the pet and the pet-parent feel safe and comfortable, and with very few exceptions I feel strongly that the best place to achieve this feeling of safety and comfort is in a family’s home environment. I hate the idea of older pets struggling to make a final trip into the car and their bereaved owners struggling to help them make the final effort for a ride to a place that has often meant discomfort and anxiety. I believe the best place for a pet to take their last breath is a soft, comfortable bed in the safe, loving environment of home. I have made a commitment to provide my patients with the level of care I would want for my own pets, and my commitment to helping facilitate a meaningful in-home goodbye is strengthened when I look at my own animals and think about what I want for them during those final moments.

The In Loving Paws Process is dedicated to creating a compassionate, loving environment for the family and their pets. In doing so, our entire process front to back is designed and dedicated to help you heal and focus on what’s important. The team at In Loving Paws takes care of absolutely every detail of the medical and aftercare process so you can concentrate on healing.

 – Dr. Butterworth