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Dear Mista Chubz,

I am crying while I write this but its because of all the good memories we had together and its hard to deal with the fact that you are gone now after the best 15 years.

The first time I saw you I responded to a craigslist ad for pug puppies and originally just wanted to see the pups.  Once I got there the other pups were running around and you just walked up and curled in my lap like you were mine.  I read books and they said this is not the dog you want.  However, I felt our connection at that moment and wrote a check that i could not afford for you since I felt like we were meant to be together.

It just felt right to be honest…

Later that day my family, girlfriend, and friends told me I was crazy and couldn’t care for a dog.

It was discouraging, but I didn’t care – we had a bond that day that we both knew….

I picked you up a month later when you were ready and knew you were meant to be my pup

The funny thing is that my dad who was widowed immediately took to you and you guys would hang out in his garage working on cars all day while I was working.

You found another very strong bond.

After years my dads health deteriorated and he couldn’t care for you during work hours which hurt both you and him.

I stepped up and got you dog walkers while I worked and did everything i could to make you happy, although I know you still missed being with puppa free to run in his back yard and garages while he worked on his many old cars.

On the weekend I would bring you over and you were happy to see him but you knew he was sick and I saw how sad it made you which killed me…

Eventually my dad (papa) passed, and I was worried about how you would take it honestly.

Well after many places to live and many many many girlfriends later you were there with me along with Zippy your adopted chihuaha sister that you loved like your own pup.

You survived so many moves of homes like a champ but I knew when we got to Haverhill your days were numbered.  I cried so many nights upset that you started falling apart between diapers and stumbling around since you could hardly walk.  I knew this was your last stop and it killed me inside.  You have no idea how many tears I shed over you..

It was a tough decision to do what I did but I will always love you so much, i just couldn’t see you suffer and have lack of quality in your life.

I have dealt with both my parents deaths but when it came to me to decide your fate it was the hardest thing I ever did…

No one can ever replace the special bond we had nor all of the awesome memories we shared….

I guess I am just trying to tell you how much I miss and love you and no dog will ever replace what we had together


Love you

Craig and Zippy


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