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My Sweet Tilly,

You are my baby and my best friend. You gave me so much happiness and made me laugh everyday. You were always so silly and you knew it, the harder I laughed the sillier you would be. You had the cutest and kindest personality. We loved each other so much and our bond was so strong that people would tell us it was beautiful to see.
You were so much like a person, that now my life is so empty and lonely because we are not together, but you will forever be with me in my heart, and my memories of you and me together.
You were so much fun to dress up for Halloween, and you would get excited knowing you were going to be in the Parade and have your picture taken, you always loved the camera.  You owned more jackets than me, and every time you got a new one you would get so happy, especially when people said how cute you looked in it. You were my little Diva!
You showed me how to enjoy every moment of life and what unconditional love is. I’m lost without you and the pain is here to stay, but know we will be together again one day. I miss you so much baby.
So you keep an eye out for Mommy, we will be together again.

Love you Tilly,


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